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Hi, I'm Helen.

I recently moved with my family from NZ to Australia, looking for a better lifestyle. My background is in Nutrition, which I love BUT I was looking for MORE. More money, more free time, more flexibility and I love to travel!

As synchronicity would have it, I came across this online business at the perfect time for me. Life is now more exciting - my daughter and I travelled to Europe last year and cruised the mediterranean, we've had 2 trips to Bali for R & R too!

Best of all I can work from anywhere and love connecting with inspiring, positive and supportive people in our business community.

"After feeling torn between my career and motherhood, I went looking for a solution where I could have both. I wanted to achieve my own goals outside of the daily "Mummy goals" but not be stuck in a 9-5 environment which would be at the cost of being away from my kids.

I love having the time for my kids' school commitments now, as well as being able to achieve much bigger financial goals than I ever did working for a boss. Aside from the money, I feel personally rewarded now too and relieved  that I'm the one in control of my direction."

"I worked in commission sales for over 10 years. My income was halved again, so I went in search of a home based business of my own, to be in total control of my finances forever.

My record month so far is $50,796 USD. I've finally left my full time job forever and can work my own hours around my 3 kids from home."

Kirsty M

Adam B

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